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Did Madison ever say that our future is staked on the 10 commandments?

Research and Writing by Jim Allision.

On page 120 of David Barton's book The Myth of Separation, David Barton quotes James Madison as saying:

Barton gives the following footnote for the quotation:

The only problem with the above is, no such quote has ever been found among any of James Madison's writings. None of the biographers of Madison, past or present have ever run across such a quote, and most if not all would love to know where this false quote originated. Apparantly, David Barton did not check the work of the secondary sources he quotes.

Robert Alley, an distinguished historian at the University of Richmond, has recently made an attempt to track down the origin of this quote. You can read about his effort in "Public Education and the Public Good," William and Mary Bill of Rights Journal,, Summer 1995, pp. 316-318.

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