Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof...

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What's new at this site? A note to our critics

Who are we, and why did we create this home page? A brief look at who we are, our political philosophy, what we mean by "separation of church and state," some answers to basic questions about separation, and why we think this page is important.

An overview of the debate. Who's who in the separation debate, what the various sides believe, and what the're arguing about.

The case for separation of church and state. Separation and federalism, separation and the Constitution, separation and the Bill of Rights, separation and the statements of the founders, and the history of separation in the United States.

What the Founders believed about separation. A look at the statements of the framers of our Constitution about church and state.

Answering the religious right. Responses to the most important arguments by the religious right.

Misquoting by the religious right. A look at how the religious right misquotes the writings of our framers.

The case against government-sponsored prayer. Why school prayer is already legal, and why a school prayer amendment is unneeded, unworkable, and harmful to our civil liberties.

The case against school vouchers. Why school vouchers are unconstitutional, and why they pose a grave threat to American education.

Important Establishment Clause cases. Detailed descriptions of important Establishment Clause cases from 1899 to the present, mainly dealing with religion and education.

Important separationist documents. Jefferson's Bill for Religious Freedom, Madison's Memorial and Remonstrance, and recent explanations of First Amendment Law.

Some links of importance Links to other organizations concerned with religious liberty, and sources for fighting the religious right.Updated regularly.

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