The Constitutional Principle: Separation of Church and State
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October 10, 1999

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From: Skip Evans (
Date: Mon Aug 10 16:40:45 1998

Keep up the good work!!!

It takes a lot of work to counter the incredible amount of misinformation pumped out there by the religious right, but I think we're up to the task.

Skip Evans,
New York City

From: Dorothy (
Date: Tue Aug 11 13:10:28 1998

Checking Out New Site

Congratulations! You have done a great job with the new web site. You offer a much needed service! I look forward to viewing the site in the future! You have certainly put a lot of work into this site.

From: Rutherford
Date: Sun Sep 27 19:29:16 1998

Awesome Website

This is an awesome web site. I came here as a christian college student researching the public policy arena of prayer in American schools and found a lot of very useful information. As one of a few christian students in a predominantlyl secualr school, it is refreshing to see a web page so dedicated to the Lord and christian principles in general. Keep up the good work.

From: Ed Buckner (
Date: Wed Oct 28 11:55:47 1998

Quotations That Support Separation...

Thanks for your excellent site, and for including a link to our Quotes book. The web-site you link to has only an incomplete protion of our book, but anyone can get excerpts (or buy the whole book--all profits to the Atlanta Freethought Society) by e-mailing me. Thanks again for your good work. --Ed Buckner

From: Ed Buckner (
Date: Wed Oct 28 12:01:14 1998

"protion" vs "portion"

Just to correct the typo in my message: it should have been "incomplete portion" rather than "incomplete protion." Ah, well. --Ed Buckner

From: Charles Levendosky (
Date: Fri Oct 30 16:20:27 1998

Your Web site

Great job. Good to see another religious liberty Web site on the Internet. Especially one that is reliable and readable.
Thanks. I plan to link to your site from the Star-Triubune's First Amendment site, FACT.

From: Autumn
Date: Wed Nov 4 17:52:20 1998

You're site was so much help in my research!!! Thanks so much.
P.S. my topic was prayer in school.

From: Deanna
Date: Thu Nov 5 09:55:12 1998

Great Job!!!

You've done a great job. You can tell that a lot of time and energy went into this site. It's nice to know that there are people out there who care. Keep up the good work.

From: anne (manic18)
Date: Tue Nov 10 09:02:53 1998


hey this is really great! is there any way you can send me more info?

From: Joanna (Anna230)
Date: Thu Nov 19 17:09:54 1998

Hey You!

You have a very nice website. It's really cool. Hope you will keep adding to it and continue to update because you are doing things so very well. Nice Job!!

From: George Atkinson (
Date: Fri Nov 27 16:34:35 1998

I think you ought to find an Internet Service Provider who doesn't spawn gratuitous windows.

From: Amiee' Long (
Date: Tue Dec 1 15:33:02 1998

I'd like to learn more

I just thought I would drop a note to tell you that I am doing a paper in college about religion in schools and found your address. I would love to learn more even after my paper is do.

From: Lou Lucignani (
Date: Tue Dec 1 22:45:11 1998

NPR discussion

I heard your discussion today on NPR. Enjoyed it very much. Anyone know of a similar church in Ft. Worth?

From: Peter (
Date: Tue Dec 8 12:35:38 1998

Religious Liberty

History is a great teacher if we will be learners. The most powerful organizations are determined to unite to crush dissent and freedom of expression by any means peaceful or hawkish. To that end separation of church & state is best and safest avenue to securing the safety of individuals and nations. Who was really behind the geonicides of Bosnia & Rwanda? Consider the book by Michael de Semlyen - Dorchester House Publications. Get out the truth! Keep up the good work!

Date: Thu Jan 14 12:53:48 1999



From: Joe (
Date: Tue Jan 19 23:45:02 1999



THE ROLE of Freemasonry and individual Masons prior to and through the American Revolution was that of the destruction of the traditional social and political order based on an authoritarian philosophy and characterized by inequality and privilege. Speaking generally, in the ancient regime the church and state mutually supported each other in maintaining their respective places of predominance and privilege. Liberalism and liberals, which included Freemasonry and Masons, were declared to be traitorous by the state, and heretical and atheistic by the Church.

With the victorious end of the American Revolution, Masonic philosophy had, for the first time in history, an opportunity to play a constructive role in the erection of a political and social order.
continued at

From: Joe
Date: Tue Jan 19 23:54:52 1999

Thomas Jefferson

Could Thomas Jefferson's words be the basis of a New Secular Order?

May it be to the world, what I believe it will be, (to some parts sooner, to others later, but finally to all,) the signal of arousing men to burst the chains under which monkish ignorance and superstition had persuaded them to bind themselves, and to assume the blessings and security of self-government.
That form which we have substituted, restores the free right to the unbounded exercise of reason and freedom of opinion. All eyes are opened, or opening, to the rights of man.
The general spread of the light of science has already laid open to every view the palpable truth, that the mass of mankind has not been born with saddles on their backs, nor a favored few booted and spurred, ready to ride them legitimately, by the grace of God.

These are grounds of hope for others. For ourselves, let the annual return of this day forever refresh our recollections of these rights, and an undiminished

From: Gene Garman (
Date: Wed Jan 20 10:38:53 1999

Your Web Site

Much good information. I will put your link on my America's Real Religion Web Site.

From: Curtis Brownlow (
Date: Mon Feb 1 01:46:45 1999

Religious Freedom Website

For an excellent online magazine supporting religious freedom, check out the following website:

There you will find current articles relating to the preservation of the separation of church and state. It is the oldest published magazine on religious freedom.

From: Kevin R. Breeden (
Date: Sat Feb 6 09:59:53 1999


I am a student trying to do a term paper on the separation of church and state. I wanted to find some historical documents that showed the Founding Father's views, and you had them. Thanks!!

From: intaiwan (
Date: Sat Feb 6 22:14:00 1999

your work

is coming along nicely

From: Anne Mitchell (
Date: Tue Feb 9 12:03:53 1999

Establishment issues

Thank you very much for sharing your tremendous work product with the public. I am a lawyer for the State of Oklahoma, Office of Juvenile Affairs. The administrators asked me to prepare a comprehensive paper to guide them in agency relations with religious organizations desiring to provide services to juveniles. This issue has been very sensitive and controversial, as one might expect. Your web site has provided me with a headstart I rarely get in research. You have saved me a great amount of time. Thanks!

From: M. Talbott (
Date: Fri Feb 12 21:19:42 1999

educting the public

I've come to the conclusion that religion and authoritarianism are interconnected and inseparable. Both resist logic that doesn't fit in with their self-serving beliefs and denial of self. Logical argument with these folks is useless; they are allergic to any other than the word triggers that tip them off that they are among "friends". This is unfortunate, but not all is lost. Most people, if they are infected with this insidious disease of the mind are still capable of receiving and processing ideas, and can be prompted to think about ideas in new ways. All most of them need is exposure to them. This is why people such as yourself are always welcome to speak out about what you have taken the time to learn. Thank you. Salvation is in the wind.

From: Bart (
Date: Fri Mar 5 21:42:55 1999

Thank you!

Excellent site dedicated to ideals I fiercely believe in. I intend to spend a lot of future time at your site and in the rings I only found existed tonight.

From: Arne Langsetmo (
Date: Tue Apr 13 18:44:55 1999


Nice stuff. Keep up the good fight. ;-)

From: daniel howard (
Date: Thu Apr 29 02:22:19 1999

recent court ruling against churches

I recently heard on the national radio broadcast that there was a court ruling against a church who had endorsed a political candidate. The church had it's not-4-profit tax exempt status removed because of it's endorsement. Are you aware of this ruling and if so could you please provide more details of the particulars on this case such as the specifics on who, what, why, when and where so that we can ensure that as a not-4-profit entity do not also violate this ruling. please e-mail info to Thank you for your informative website. Daniel/st. louis, mo

From: J.D.F.
Date: Fri Apr 30 01:00:27 1999

Man is a spiritual being who only knows fulfillment when he is living in the spirit. When we engage in our daily tasks, worry about our finances, families, vacations, careers, we are filling our counscious with trivialities that nothing to do with the spirit causing as is very wide spread, chronic stress, burnout, anxiety, incompleteness, unhappiness, and leading many to suicide, drug use, extra-marital affairs, alcohol abuse, and unfortunately, experimenting in the occult. It is for this latter reason that prayer in schools is urgently needed. We need not question who is the right GOD, because GOD has already said, "Behold, the LORD thy GOD is ONE!" It would not give much meaning to this world if there was a possibility of multiple gods for that would only create confusion and not the remarkable unity, harmony, and wholeness that is so evident in our creation. America is fast losing her children to witchcraft and satanism. 13 year old suburban girls avidly follow the monstrous

From: JDF
Date: Fri Apr 30 01:08:09 1999

Believe it or not GOD LOVES YOU! believe it or not science has blinded your eyes and though you think you can, yet you remain ignorant. You can see yet your boast is only in the tangible, you are wisened yet you can not put one riddle forth. Do you not realize and understand the Great worth of LIFE and the infinite realms present yet obscured because you do not want to see, because you would not believe. Believe in JESUS and HE will make you WHOLE.

From: Giuseppe Montanari (
Date: Tue May 4 04:44:19 1999

I'm a student from Italy, Universit&#agrave; di Genova.
I'm working on Thomas Jefferson's writings about religion, state and education.
Thank You very much!

From: Mel Cooperman (
Date: Sun May 9 11:16:38 1999

Church-State Web Page

I am preparing to teach a course on Religion and Politics. This site is inavluable. Thank you.

From: Ed (
Date: Wed May 19 23:50:45 1999

Northwest Ordinance

It seems to me that your Northwest Ordinance arguments would be strengthened if you cited Article I of the Ordinance, which guarantees religious freedom, and if you more carefully document the Jeffersonian origins of the Ordinance, and Madison's efforts to be sure that it was not used to promote religion.

If you need the text of Article I, e-mail me.


From: Susan (
Date: Thu May 20 18:06:40 1999

Rev. Roger Williams

I may merely have over looked it, but if not, I think you should include a section on the Rev. Roger Williams who was the first European on this continent to promote the concept of the separation of church and state in the 1630's. He was expelled from Massachusettes for his antitheocratic position and went on to found Rhode Island making it possible for the Baptists to establish themselves in the New World. I think a number of the Baptists here in the South could use a reminder of that.

From: Linda (
Date: Tue May 25 00:02:40 1999

Thank you!

Great site! You've done a great job organizing the information. I am a summer associate at a law firm (2nd year law student), and I found the case references I needed on your site. Thank you!

From: Scott S. DiVincenzo (
Date: Wed May 26 08:15:24 1999

There IS NO "Seperation of Church & State" Within The U.S. Constitution

Somebody PLEASE E-mail Back to Me Where The U.S. Constitution Explicitly Reads "...seperation of church and state."

And While you're at it, let me know where I can find the "Abortions Rights," and Anti-Creation Science Wording As Well.

Oh I Can't Wait,


From: Fred Siegeltuch (
Date: Wed May 26 19:46:45 1999


I am in favor of school vouchers both as a means of bringing the private sector into education and also motivating parental interest by requiring that they deal with choosing a school for each child. I am also 100% in favor of church / state separation. I support the ACLU and others that fight voucher programs that ignore the separation. Are there any programs that call for only secular vouchers? What would such a program look like? How drastically would most religiously oriented private schools have to change their structure and content in order to qualify for this type of program?

I feel that progress in this area might be possible because asking these questions calls the bluff of two polarized groups: the religious right and Catholics that argue for the efficiency of private education but are really only fully interested in funding religious education, and the educational establishment that loves separation but is mostly concerned with protecting unionized teaching

From: Willow
Date: Thu May 27 15:45:07 1999

English report

Hi I am doing a report for my ninth grade english final paper and it is on prayer in the schools but I have no idea where to start looking

From: Anson Chong (
Date: Thu May 27 18:18:56 1999

Aloha from Hawaii

The Americans United chapters coordinator gave us your WEB site. It is exellent, and we look forward to checking it out regularly. Right Wing extremists are over here preaching the opposite of our inclusive, pluralistic island community.

From: Bob Oliver (
Date: Sat May 29 06:30:03 1999

school shootings

Im becoming a bit wery of all the letters to the editor in our Springfield,Mo News Leader blaming the scool violence on church/state separation.4 of the shootings took place in the heart of the bible belt and the pastor of the shooter in Ky saidthe shooter accepted Jesus as his savior 7 months before the shootings.I guess the availabilty of guns had nothing to do with it.I remember the juvenile gangs in the 50,s were using "zip guns" a crude homemade device that used a clothespin for a firing pin.That was about all they could get their hands on.Thanks for agood site

From: Bill Weber (
Date: Mon May 31 17:51:57 1999

Added your site to my favorite places at first scan.

You have my full support. These athe kind of ideas for which the religious right would like to end freedom of speech. First, end freedom of religion to protect america. Next, end freedom of speech because speeking out against the church is anti american.

From: Stephen Boursy (
Date: Mon May 31 20:31:04 1999

Early Amendment Attempts

Very helpful comprehensive site. Wasn't aware of those early amendment attempts to christianize the constitution!

From: Fred Whitehead (
Date: Fri Jun 4 17:05:39 1999

Documents & History

Congrats on making so many useful materials available on the Net, where many, many young people are going these days. Us older freethinkers are somehow stuck in the world of print, alas. I still do a print-only newsletter called Freethought History, and will send a free sample to anyone who requests one. Fred Whitehead, Kansas City, Kansas

From: Andrew Miller (
Date: Sun Jun 13 13:39:32 1999

Thank you for joining the fight.

It *IS* a fight, and unless we can gain strength and overcome the Religious Right(wing) in America, we will become as other nations, divided in a battle over religious differences. We cannnot, and we must not, allow this to happen.

If you are not already a member of Americans United for the Separation of Church and State, please join. Your support is most important. To find out more, go to

"Evil flourishes when good men do nothing."

From: Robert Cogan (
Date: Mon Jun 14 13:51:04 1999

Your Web Site

The President of our local Americans United forwarded you address to me. I have book marked it. It is an excellent site. Bob Cogan, President, Northwestern Pa. American Civil Liberties Union.

From: Gerald Von Korff (
Date: Thu Jun 17 22:57:30 1999


Your fine website has been linked to our website Law for Laymen and Constitutional Law for Laymen

From: Shawn Campbell (
Date: Tue Jun 22 14:23:09 1999

The site.

Hey, I enjoyed the site.

From: Edward R. O'Carroll (
Date: Wed Jun 23 19:18:13 1999

Good work

I hope we will a learn from the site.We need to show the right that God is not on their side.

From: Judy (
Date: Mon Jun 28 23:01:27 1999

The Great Experiment

The separation of church and state as set forth in our constitution was the basis for a great experiment, even if the founding fathers didn't realize it's broader consequences. Certainly there was religious persecution at home and abroad in the "homeland" even as it was written, but the goal of religious freedom became one of the pillars on which the foundation was built.
There are those among us today who would still insist that we are a Christian nation without observing the grief and chaos brought on by those nations who insist they are Catholic or Jewish or Muslim or Hindu. I am one who believes that the camel follows the camel's head into the tent; that the secular activities of government should not be influenced by any particular interpretation of a personal deity and that the wall netween church policies and state activities should remain high. Too many people believe in freedom of speech and religion for everyone who agrees with them.
I might add I

From: Ashley Nance (
Date: Mon Jul 12 14:53:44 1999

I think you hve done great work putting together this page. The research is wonderful and is shown through your work.

From: David (
Date: Mon Jul 19 21:47:34 1999

Absolutely wonderful web site!

Bravo! You have done a magnificent job compiling the materials for this web site and explaining them. Congratulations on a job well done!

From: Ed (
Date: Fri Jul 23 09:59:57 1999

Thank You!

A wonderfully informative site. We all need these facts when a right-winger starts feeding the ignorant with more lies. May I also suggest e-mailing a request to get on the mailing list of 'Americans United for the Separation of Church and State' at:
Keep up the good page!

From: Scott S. DI Vincenzo (
Date: Mon Jul 26 13:09:15 1999

There IS NO "Seperation Of Church And State"

The U.S.Constitution, if it were applied today, protects individual Rights to Religion And Moral Expression.

However, Activist Federal Judges And Their Anti-Christian Affiliates Have Imposed, On America, Freedom FROM Biblical Christianity Rather Than Freedom To Express Christianity WITHOUT Government Financed Supression and/or Litigation.

America Was Constructed Upon Biblical Precepts Which Is Why The U.S. Federal Gov. Prays Before Session, Swears On The BIBLE, Prints "In God We Trust" on Both Paper And Coin Money, Formerly Pleged Alligence To the AMERICAN Flag, And Has Posted The 10 Commandments Above The U.S. Supreme Court Bench.

There Is NO "Seperation Of Church & State" Clause In The U.S. Constitution!

But There Is A Clause That Reads "...nor abridging the FREEDOM to worship thereof..."

Lets Get Our History Facts Straight!!

From: Bert Golding (
Date: Mon Jul 26 16:06:14 1999


This is my first visit. Learned about this site through a recommendation from our American's United group, and I am delighted to find such excellent reference material. Thanks, BG

From: Ethel Jean Saltz (
Date: Mon Jul 26 20:03:57 1999

Pledge Of Allegiance

First visit to site and it's bookmarked. Before I have an opinion I'll review this site. However, I couldn't find any history of the addition of the word "GOD" to the Pledge Of Allegiance. I discovered this addition when I volunteered in public school. In fact, I did not know my own children born 51/53/55 also were taught the Pledge
WITH the word GOD included until about 4 years ago when I started this voluntary work. I thought this was unConstituitonal. AND why isn't there a fuss about this along with the fuss about the Ten Commandments. Actually, you could skip the first 3 commandments and still use the other 7. You might find out that Clinton didn't commit adultery according to the 7 Commandments.

From: Sydney
Date: Sat Aug 28 10:03:56 1999

We need people like you!!!

What with the Kansas mishap, this country's whipped up in a fervor. People are running around interpreting the Constitution any way they see fit. What would our forefathers think? We must preserve their intentions at all costs. Thank you for doing so!!!

From: Michael Bledsoe (
Date: Tue Aug 31 23:17:26 1999

Religion in public school

Your article "Religion in the Public Schools: Joint Statement of Current Law" is a great article! I am unable to view the total article from right to left, the way it appears on the web site. Please Help!! I intend to send a copy to our local board of education superintendent.

From: Adele Carlson (
Date: Fri Sep 3 04:01:41 1999


I haven't read anything but the comments here yet. They are certainly impressive and the different interpretations of the material interesting.

From: Charles England
Date: Sat Sep 4 18:41:45 1999

Separation of Church and State

I would be considered as part of the religous right. I am not ashamed of it. As a Baptist I agree with the words of Thomas Jefferson about the wall separation of between the church and state. May all understand that you can be a stonch concervative and not be a recontructionest. I only wish that biblical "christianity" in America was more sound and biblical in thier reasoning.

From: Walter H. Steinlauf (
Date: Thu Sep 16 17:50:12 1999

A Really Great Site...I' m Impressed.

Thank you so much for providing this much-needed perspective on a fanatical "movement" literally drowning in hypocrisy. I have no doubt that were Jesus to show up Today, He would definitely throw these freaks out of the show.

Walter H. Steinlauf
Sacramento, CA

From: Walter H. Steinlauf (
Date: Thu Sep 16 17:51:08 1999

A Really Great Site...I' m Impressed.

Thank you so much for providing this much-needed perspective on a fanatical "movement" literally drowning in hypocrisy. I have no doubt that were Jesus to show up Today, He would definitely throw these freaks out of the show.

Walter H. Steinlauf
Sacramento, CA

From: Jason
Date: Fri Sep 17 14:33:18 1999

School Prayer and Violence

From: Mr. R. B
Date: Fri Sep 17 19:26:02 1999


The Doctrine of "Separation of Church & State" is a Communist doctrine-NOT found in any State or the U.S. Federal Constitutions, NOT found in any American Founding Period document or letter, NOT found in the words of ANY American Founding Father during America's Founding period. In fact, the place in which the phrase is found - a letter to a Church by President Thomas Jefferson in the early 1800's - is part of a letter written by Jefferson to assure just the opposite! (The letter should be read in its entirety to understand Jefferson's meaning.

HOWEVER, the doctrine of "SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE" IS found in the Constitution of the United Soviet Socialist Republic (1922-1991): "Article 124: In order to ensure to citizens freedom of conscience, the church in the U.S.S.R. is separated from the State, and the school from the church."

It is sad that most Americans know little or nothing of what the AMERICAN Founding Fa

From: Mr. R. B
Date: Fri Sep 17 19:48:35 1999


It is sad that many Americans know nothing about what America's Founding Fathers actually SAID themselves but know the socialist SOVIET Constitution's phrase of "SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE."

I invite your readers to research directly for themselves what the Founders of America- NOT the U.S.S.R. - said and wrote:

I offer further info and my comments at


As George Washington is often quoted, "It is impossible to rightly govern the world without God and The Bible." I agree! I expect many of your readers would also agree if they knew where to read the words of America's Founding Fathers themselves!

Thank you!

-Mr. B

From: Mr. R. B
Date: Fri Sep 24 16:32:44 1999



ARTICLE 124: "In order to ensure to citizens freedom of conscience, the churh in the U.S.S.R. is separated from the State, and the school from the church."
ARTICLE 142: "Breach of laws governing the separation of church from state and of education from the church: Any breach of the laws governing the separation of the church from the state and of education from the church is punishable by corrective labor for a maximum term of one year or a fine of 50 rubles."